About Us

In June 2003, we bought a 100 acre farm near Marmora. After a year of driving to the farm every weekend from Toronto, which takes 2 hours, we decided to take the plunge, and in July 2004 we sold our home in the big smoke and moved to the country. We hadn't planned to make the move so soon, but we found that once we had a spot in the country, we couldn't bear to be in the city any longer.

On our farm there is the former cheese factory, a large concrete building measuring 30 by 100 feet (the same size as our former lot in Toronto!), erected in 1907. It was run as a cooperative by the local farmers until the 1950s. Now it serves several purposes: as an area to dry and then store our herbs, a workshop to make our body products, a storefront from which we sell our products, a huge storage area, a living area for WWOOFers, (WWOOF stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Check out WWOOF Canada if you're curious.), and a yoga studio. Karen has been teaching classes in The Yoga Factory since September 2012.

We also have a great old barn, which currently overnights three does and five kids. We milk the goats and make cheese for our own use. We also have a greenhouse where we start the herbs and the vegetables we grow for our own use.

Why herbal body products, you ask? It all started with a desire to make petroleum and chemical free body products for our children. Once we perfected our recipes, we wanted to share our healthy, high-quality natural products with others. Our products are safe for the whole family – children, babies, adults and even pets!

Welcome to Porcupine Creek Farm!

Karen and Matt Caruana